• Statut:En cours
  • Type:Européen
  • Début:1 avril 2016
  • Fin:31 mars 2019
  • Durée:3 ans


Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to enable consumer action on purchasing energy efficient appliances

Digi-Label will design and deliver digital tools and solutions to compliment the EU energy label. Through these we aim to positively influence consumer buying choices and ultimately deliver greater energy savings and increased market share of the highest performing appliances. The consortium will target 4 of the top 5 EU economies – Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK – leveraging the biggest impact on energy saving – through established commitments from manufacturers and retailers to test and launch the digital solutions. The Digi-Label approach brings together a highly experienced consortium including CLASP, EEB, Fraunhofer, SEVEn and the Energy Saving Trust, with proven expertise in energy labelling of products, dissemination & communication, European and International project management of energy labelling programmes, manufacturer and retailer stakeholder relationship management, evaluation and consumer engagement.


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