Focus marchés : Québec (Canada)

Partenaire de l’International Cleantech Network (ICN), le Cluster TWEED vous offre la possibilité de tirer profit du Passeport ICN, outil partagé entre Clusters membres de l’ICN. Le concept est simple, les organisations membres des Clusters de l’ICN bénéficient de facto du Passeport et de ses divers avantages : accès gratuit à des bureaux et salles de réunion dans les pays représentés au sein de l’ICN, mise en relation facilitée avec des contacts locaux clés ainsi que réductions pour la participation des événements ou conférences spécifiques. Exemple ci-après pour le Québec !

Exploring new market opportunities in Québec (Canada) with ICN Passport

Thanks to our partnership with International Cleantech Network (ICN), we offer you the possibility of discovering new market opportunities in the Montréal Region and the Province of Québec.
Québec has earned a name for its well-regulated banking system, its stable, extensive trade relationship with the United States, its international free-trade agreements and its constantly growing exports.
It’s well known that Québec is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. This is where many important technologies were discovered and a host of innovative solutions in aerospace, robotics, environment and high-tech were developed. Very enticing tax credits are available to companies that choose Québec.

The Benefits of the ICN Passport

Free Welcome Office for a Week.
This workspace (internet, phone and printer) is located in the cluster offices.
Connections with Key Contacts.
A list of premier business and financial contacts would be provided upon request.

How to Proceed?

Easy. First, CLICK HERE to go the special web page to learn more about this region, its challenges to combat climate change while implementing a sustainable and strong economy.
If you are interested to exploring market opportunities, then just fill in the ICN Passport Application
You will receive shortly after a communication from the host cluster.

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