CLIMACT aide BIDFOOD et AW EUROPE à installer 1,5 MW de panneaux photovoltaïque cet été

AW Europe, an automatic transmission specialist maker, and Bidfood, a food wholesaler and distributor, are major industrial actors in Wallonia. These thriving and environmentally conscious companies wanted to drastically reduce their impact on the environment. They opted for solar photovoltaic panels to provide them with competitive green energy, herewith contributing to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. They relied on Climact to assist them in the process. Climact engineers, finances, installs and operates 1,5 MWp of photovoltaic units on Bidfood and AW Europe facilities. For Bidfood, an installation is planned in Thuin, and for AW Europe, installations are planned in Baudour and in Braine l’Alleud. As a result, Bidfood and AW Europe are now going to produce together about 1500 MWh of green electricity annually with no initial investment, generating direct savings on their energy costs and far less impact on the environment. This corresponds to a surface of about 10 000 m² and the electricity consumption of 400 households on an annual basis. Brick by brick.